Personalise your Jewellery with Engravings

Adding an engraving is a lovely way to personalise your jewellery – whether it’s to commemorate an important date, to carry a special person’s fingerprint or handwriting with you, or simply to add a bit of whimsy to your piece with a custom drawing or image.

What can we engrave? Typically, we can engrave the inside of any of our ring designs, and often the outside too if you would like an exterior engraving on your ring. We can also engrave our sandcast disc pendants - on the front or back, or both sides if you like.

We have occasionally engraved other pieces such as cufflinks or bangles, and several of our other pendant designs/styles of pendant, so if you would like to have any of our other pieces engraved then do get in touch with a few details about what you would like, and we will check what’s possible for you. 

We offer two main types of engraving, which we refer to as text or image engraving:

Text engraving

Text engraving is £50 and covers letters and numbers - names, dates, short messages, simple symbols and so on. You can choose the font your engraving is written in, and you can see a preview of how it will look in the different fonts on our engraving listing here.

Image engraving

Image engraving is £90 and covers pictures, doodles, handwriting, fingerprints, and so on! If you would like more than one image engraved, we charge an additional £15 per extra image. For the best results we need a clip-art style plain black and white image, and if it’s to be engraved inside a ring then the simpler it is the better. More intricate engravings are best reserved for larger areas where the engraving is bigger, and more detail will be visible.

For fingerprint engravings we will need you to email us a good quality photo of the fingerprint in black ink on a piece of plain/unlined white paper – please make sure the print is as clear as possible; if it’s smudged or blurred, we won’t be able to use it. Likewise, if you would like to draw your own image to be engraved, please make sure it’s as concise as possible and done in black ink on plain unlined white paper. Fine details such as shading will be lost, and the best results will be from clear and simplified line drawings.

Here are some examples of image engraving from our commission’s gallery:

An engraving hand drawn especially for you

We also offer bespoke engraving of hand drawn custom designs, which are discussed and developed with you. Once we have an idea of what you would like, we will draw a few options for you to choose from and then start refining the details and tweaking the different elements into place. Prices for custom design engravings start at around £200. Here are some examples of hand drawn bespoke engravings:

Our other bespoke designs include our textured outline designs of beloved mountain ranges and or other stretches of landscape. If you have a special place in mind, we need a clear image to draw from. These sorts of engravings can repeat around the ring or just be engraved on a section as you prefer, prices start at £150 for a section or £250 for a repeating design.

Other repeating motifs such as waves and Celtic knotwork can also be engraved, either hand drawn like the knotwork below, or using stock images such as the repeating infinity symbol ring:

Engraving advice and extra information

All our ring engraving will be internal unless otherwise requested.

Character length - we are often asked how many characters can fit inside a ring, but what we can fit in really depends on the ring size and the width. A bigger ring size means we can fit more characters in, and the wider the ring is the more legible the engraving will be. For rings that are 6mm wide and wider we can engrave on two lines to fit more in, so if you’re thinking of some song lyrics or quotes that you’d like to engrave, this can be one way to make sure we get it all in there! Ultimately, if you have a wordy message in mind just let us know which piece you’re interested in, the finger size that it’s to be made in (if applicable), and what you would like the engraving to say in full. We will be able to check if it will fit for you and best advise if it doesn’t.

For narrow rings (1.8-3mm wide) we recommend choosing simple fonts (nothing too swirly) and clear designs as the engraving will be very small to fit inside these kinds of widths. The more intricate and delicate it is, the harder it will be to read.

Please note that as our sandcast rings are cast in real beach sand there is sometimes some graininess and/or flecks of sand visible on the inside of the ring. In some cases, this may slightly obscure some areas of the engraving.

For more inspiration on personalising your jewellery with an engraving, you can see our full engraving gallery on the commissions page here


Please note: prices true of 2023