Justin Duance Team: all nine of us in the workshop smiling at the camera

Meet the Team

Justin Duance

After finishing his degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art in London, 2000, Justin began making his collections and selling to local galleries. As demand grew he realised he wanted to start his own jewellery business. He soon found that the cost of living in London was too high to start a small business in designing and making contemporary jewellery and so moved back home to Cornwall and gradually built up the workshop and business to where it is today. A keen surfer, Justin’s silver and gold contemporary jewellery is deeply influenced by the surrounding countryside and ocean. He is especially fascinated by the way they engage with each other – constantly conflicting, whilst paradoxically achieving a harmonic balance.

John O'Mahony

John began working with Justin when he was just seventeen and has now been working with him for nearly twenty years! He can work with all of the jewellery we make but mostly enjoys stone setting and beautiful gemstones. He has recently begun his own jewellery business where he’s been creating some designs of his own.

Chloe Williams

Chloe is our Workshop Manager and she keeps everything running smoothly so we can make sure we get all of our jewellery made in time for important dates like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries! She specialises in sandcasting but also works with our pieces at any stage of their production, from ring blank to finished product.

Taiman Marks

After doing work experience with Justin whilst completing her degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing, Taiman began working in the office where she is now director of operations and one of the first points of call for our customers. She and the team work together to develop new designs and commissions. She is also a trained gemmologist.

Jamila Hirtenstein

Jamila is a workshop-office hybrid, making jewellery in the workshop when needed but also greeting customers visiting for appointments. She is in charge of all our social media – if you’re our friend on Facebook or a follower on Instagram, all the pictures and snippets of workshop life that you see will have been shared by her.

Andy Dayton

Andy is a dab hand at all workshop practises but specialises in wood inlay pieces as these are close to his heart – in early 2017 he bought some land and planted over a thousand trees native to Cornwall and the UK on it to replenish the natural woodland and wildlife that mankind has diminished.

Issy Carreira

Issy handles our Etsy shop and along with Taiman is one of the first points of call answering queries for anyone that gets in touch with us. She works with Jamila to create beautiful photo shoots of our jewellery, and she is also our Post Master - nearly every piece of jewellery we make will pass through her hands as it leaves our workshop and is sent on its way to its new owner.

Jana Gaborova

Jana is a part-time member of the workshop team. She’s learned our secret methods of inlaying wood into our rings along with the art of sandcasting. She also runs a business with her friend Jane, selling delicious organic produce that they’ve grown.

Sophie Butcher

Sophie has been with us for a couple of years now and has been quick to learn all the jewellery techniques that we can teach her! When she's not busy mastering all the different skills in the workshop she posts on her Instagram page 90s Culture to give us all a bit of a blast from the past.

Erin Parker

Erin handles the majority of our photography and website management – all the beautiful new products added to our website and shown on our Instagram or Facebook page will have been photographed by her. She also carefully tests and documents all the heirloom materials that are left with us by our customers before we turn them into a beautiful newly commissioned piece.

Sue Turner

Sue is our wonderful bookkeeper and banker – she makes sure everything is running smoothly so we can carry on buying more precious metals and gemstones to make beautiful jewellery. She also keeps the office afloat with cups of tea!

Justin Duance Team sharing cake outside the workshop