Guarantee and Returns

Jewellery Guarantee

If there are any issues with items within the first five years of ownership (excluding external damage/excessive wear), we’ll be happy to repair the item for you free of charge. After the five-year period is up, there will be a small fee for any refurbishment or repair. This excludes silver jewellery.

Silver Jewellery Guarantee

For silver pieces, we provide a two-year guarantee as silver is naturally a softer precious metal and not as durable as other metals.

This also applies to silver wood inlay rings; if there are any problems with the wooden inlay within the two-year period, we will repair it free of charge along with a basic restoration of the piece while we repair the wood. This is excepting cases where the piece has been damaged due to damage or excessive wear (for example, misshaping of the metal).

After the two-year guarantee period is over, we will charge a small fee to refurbish, repair and restore pieces if possible. This also covers a new piece of wood being inlaid if necessary, and the restoration of the piece as well as the costs of the postage in its return.

If the item is too worn to be reliably repaired, we’ll charge 50% of the current retail price of the piece to replace it.

In this case, we’ll also contact you to offer a discounted price to remake the piece in a more durable metal, such as titanium. Prices in precious metals are offered on request as they are subject to the type of design and fluctuation of prices in the metal market.

We do not advise choosing silver rings if they’re to be used as wedding rings due to the softness of the metal and the ease with which it can be damaged in everyday use. This refers to wooden inlay rings in particular.


Cancellation & Returns


Because we make every piece to order we prefer to work with you to ensure that the ring will be suitable and therefore not returned. 

We are happy to send you sample rings if you’re not able to visit us or one of our stockists. We can only send you what we have in stock; therefore the rings we have may not always be the right size or in the correct metal combinations. Tell us which ring(s) you’re interested in and we’ll see what we have in stock for you to try. We ideally need to know your ring size to do this.

We request a deposit per sample ring we send you, the price of which will depend on the metal/gemstones the piece is made with. The deposit is fully refundable upon the safe return of the rings. Or, if you’d like to go ahead with an order after trying the sample, then we’ll use your deposit towards the price of your piece and refund any difference if applicable.

Please note that we can only send sample rings within the UK.


Because all of our jewellery is handmade to the size ordered, we cannot offer exchanges for different ring sizes. We will also not provide a refund if it is evident that more than one ring was purchased with the express intention of choosing between them and returning one for a refund.


If you are dissatisfied with your purchase you may return it to us in its original unworn condition (trying for size accepted) within fourteen days immediately after the signed receipt date. When we have received the item(s) we will offer you a full refund. 

Bespoke pieces

Refunds may not be authorised for bespoke items. If you are unsure of your purchase we will do our best to provide example sketches, models or samples to ensure that you are happy with the design before we start work.


Postage costs will only be refunded if there is a fault with the item. For hygienic and health and safety reasons, all earring studs will not be accepted for return.