Wood Collection

Wood Collection

We can inlay almost any type of hardwood in your wood inlay jewellery. Below is a list of the woods we have in our collection. Click on the images to find out more about each wood.

Wood inlaid jewellery care and wear

Expect the wood in your jewellery to change over time. This is especially true for rings which take the brunt of life's toils. Most commonly the woods darken with time, in some cases they lighten and take on a driftwood feel. It's different for everyone and how your jewellery changes is part of what makes it special. With years of wear the wood will develop a patina that reflects your lifestyle.

The natural oils in our skin stop the wood from drying out. Don't be over precious, wear your jewellery all the time - even in water. For more information see our jewellery care page and FAQs

Send us your own wood

We are always happy to inlay your own wood into the piece – simply fill out the Contact Form to let us know you’d like to send us the wood for your item. To do so we need a piece of hardwood about 2” cubed, it needs to be well seasoned (up to six months) and without any cracks. Ideally, pick a piece with a nice strong grain.