sand collection

choose the sand your jewellery is cast in

All of our sandcast jewellery is cast in beach (or desert/river bed!) sand.
Customers send us sand from all over the world to personalise their jewellery in the most subtle and sentimental way.

The beach sand gives each piece of jewellery its unique texture, each one comes out differently and we couldn’t replicate them if we tried. It’s what makes our sandcast jewellery so special.  The sand not only imparts the texture you see on the surface of the pieces, tiny grains are captured in the metal too – meaning you can take a little bit of your favourite place with you wherever you go.

Send us your own sand or pick one from our extensive collection on the map below – there is no extra cost, simply add a note to your order or get in touch via our contact form.

Sending your own sand

We don't need loads of sand, a small spice jar or film canister is perfect. Please send the sand (ideally dry) to the Trengwainton Pumphouse address on our website in a sealed container, labelled with your full name and details of the beach and country the sand is from. Be sure it’s clearly labelled – we get a lot of sand sent to us.

Notes on sand choice

As long as your sand isn’t small pebbles we can use it! While it is the sand that gives each ring it’s texture, they aren’t so distinct that we could match a particular sand to a ring. Should you not mind which sand we cast your ring in, we almost always pick Sennen (Cornwall) as it’s one of our favourite places.