Our ethos is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Recycling and upcycling are at the heart of what we do.

We are constantly looking for new and better alternatives to the extensive range of materials we use, from precious metals and gemstones to long lasting tools.

The process of ethical sourcing is hard work and although far from perfect, we are pleased with the progress we are making. As more jewellers make conscious changes and consumers become more considerate of where their jewellery comes from it will become easier.

Our ethics extend past the treatment of the people and the environment in the materials we buy, but also to having a really good and happy work place here at the workshop. We are conscious of the impact we have on the environment, from using ecological cleaning products to recycling, composting and reducing our single use plastic.

Sustainable Metals

Recycled Precious Metal

All our precious metal is recycled, and we reuse as much of our own metal waste as possible – what can’t be used (such as the metal dust and shavings from sawing or filing) is sent away to be refined and will eventually make its way back to us or another jeweller. This way of reusing precious metal is an ancient jewellers tradition – as fashion changes, jewellery is melted and reworked into new pieces.

We prefer to use recycled metals rather than support the extraction of more materials in costly and environmentally damaging methods, and thus hope to limit our impact on the environment. On request we can source fairtrade gold and silver.


Titanium is one of the most abundant elements on earth, but we have limited information on the sources. The process of extraction and production is very specialised and expensive. We hope this means that most of the extraction is done by machinery and highly qualified workers – but sadly, at the moment, such traceability and assurances aren’t in place.

Upcycling Your Own Gold

We are more than happy to use your own metal in your jewellery – this not only ensures that we are reducing our own effect on the mining industry and its impact on the environment, but also allows you to recreate a beloved piece of jewellery in a new and personal design.

Ethical Diamonds
and Gemstones

We do our best to make sure all the diamonds and gemstones we use in our jewellery are as traceable and ethically sourced as possible. This does mean that we are sometimes limited in the stones we can source – something we believe is a small price to pay for an untainted stone.

All our diamonds are sourced from suppliers who go above and beyond the Kimberly Process. Our suppliers trace their stones from their mine of origin. They adhere to high standards of ethics and environmental responsibility throughout their mining, cutting and distribution. We keep a record of the piece of jewellery that the diamond has been used in, making the diamond traceable from mine to customer’s finger.

Much like recycling metal, we are more than happy to use your own heirloom stones. Please get in touch to discuss using them in one of our designs or commissioning a piece.

Vintage Diamonds

Vintage Diamond Rings

Canadamark diamonds

White Diamond Rings

Australian Brown Diamonds

Brown Diamond Rings

Sapphires, Rubies and other Gemstones

Gemstone Jewellery

Sourcing of Wood

Each wood we use has been chosen for its unique colour, patterned grain or traditional symbolism.

We are careful to make sure that each piece is sourced ethically and sustainably. We do not support the reduction of endangered species or contribute to industries that acquire their wood through environmentally damaging methods such as deforestation. When we can, we try and use reclaimed wood that has a history or an interesting story. We’ve used offcuts from local tree surgeons, parts of antique furniture, refurbished ships, doors, tables and beams.

We are also happy to use your own wood to give your piece a completely personal touch. Simply fill out the Contact Form letting us know you’d like to do so.

Beyond the Jewellery

Justin’s ethos as an employer is to treat everyone fairly and kindly. We are very well looked after and enjoy many perks from the odd day out to birthday feasts at lunchtime. Follow us on Instagram for peeks behind the scenes.

We are very lucky to live in Cornwall, a beautiful part of the world that we all strive to look after, individually and as a small company. When you live this close to the sea, it’s very hard to turn a blind eye to the plastic pollution poisoning our seas. We are rather chuffed to be awarded our Plastic Free Status by Plastic Free Penzance and Surfers Against Sewage. It's a sign of the changes we have made around the workshop to minimise our contribution to plastic pollution, from redesigning our jewellery packaging to refilling our cleaning products.