Upcycle your heirloom gold
Upcycle your heirloom gold
Upcycle your heirloom gold
Upcycle your heirloom gold
Upcycle your heirloom gold

Upcycle your heirloom gold

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Character Limit and Ring Width
We limit our engravings to 40 characters per piece. But please bear in mind that if the ring is a particularly small size, there may be less room to engrave upon. Additionally, the slimmer in width the ring is (i.e. 1.8-3mm) the smaller the font needs to be to fit in and it may become harder to read. We will contact you to arrange a suitable solution if we think there will be any issues.

Sandcast Ring Engraving
Please note that as our sandcast rings are cast in real beach sand there is sometimes some graininess or flecks of sand on the inside of the ring. In some cases, this may slightly obscure areas of the engraving.

You can have anything engraved, from a handwritten date to fingerprints and doodles.

See our commissions gallery for inspiration. Please e-mail us your imagery after you order.

Currently we can only receive materials from within the UK.

We can cast your heirloom gold into a beautiful new ring.
It not only ensures that we are reducing our own effect on the mining industry and its impact on the environment, but also allows you to recreate a beloved piece of jewellery in a new and personal design.

The rustic and irregular nature of our sandcast range comes from Justin's own technique; as the name suggests each ring is cast in beach sand. With a different mould used each time, every ring is totally unique - make it that little bit more special by sending us your own sand or picking one from our collection.

That sounds great - but where do I start?

1. Browse through our shop. Think about the width and profile you like.

2. Weigh your gold. We never know exactly how much gold we will need to cast a ring until we have made your wax, but here's a generous *rough idea* of the amount of 9ct gold needed for the following width rings:

2mm - 3g
3mm - 4.5g
4mm - 6g
5mm - 8g
6mm - 10g
7mm - 13g
8mm - 15g
9mm - 18g
10mm - 22g

If you don't quite have enough gold, we can top it up for you. Please contact us first as metal prices vary.

3. Post your metal to us and you can expect your new ring to be made in 4-6 weeks.

If you have any gemstones or would like to incorporate any gemstones into a design, please don't hesitate to get in touch first as this considerably changes the price due to the work involved.

Find more details and inspiration in our journal entry on how to upcycle your old jewellery here.


Please be aware that if we are using your own heirloom metal to make a new piece of jewellery for you then we cannot guarantee the final colour, carat, colour match or usability of the materials provided and used. We will test your materials to the best of our ability but without sending all items to be used away to laboratories for extensive testing, we can only give an indication of what we believe your item to be composed of. Jewellery can be plated with higher carats of gold than the piece is made from and in some cases can be made from unusual alloys which may mean that we are unable to use your heirloom materials effectively. 
In all cases we can only test your metal to the best of our ability before attempting to cast with it; we are not responsible if the metal supplied to us to use behaves in an unexpected manner or if it is unable to be used or hallmarked for any reason. We will of course be in touch straight away if upon casting your item of jewellery from your heirloom materials the metal does not behave as we expect. We will do what we can to come up with an alternative or solution, but as we are using your own materials as instructed by you, we are not liable or responsible for replacing your materials with our own should yours be unusable for any reason. 
By continuing ahead with your order you are acknowledging that we cannot guarantee the final colour, carat, colour match or usability of the heirloom materials provided and used to make your order.
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  • Shipping is free worldwide – this does not include customs fees that will be incurred if you are taking delivery outside of the UK. 

    If you are ordering from a country that is VAT exempt, then our website prices will automatically adjust.

    This piece is handmade to order and takes 8-10 weeks to make. Delivery times vary depending on your location.

    Making Time:
    6-8 weeks
    UK Delivery:
    next day via Royal Mail Special Delivery
    International Delivery:
    approx. 1-2 weeks via a courier

    We can occasionally make pieces more quickly on request, however this is highly dependant on material availability and is not always possible during busy periods. 

    When available our express fee ranges from £25 - £100 per piece. 

    If you would like this service please get in touch with us first to check if we can make the item in time. 

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