Upcycle Your Old Jewellery

This service is only available to UK customers.

We can upcycle your old jewellery. Using your own gold and our unique method of sandcasting, your heirloom jewellery can become a new and exciting piece. Recycling your already existing materials is better for the planet, your purse and gives unmatchable sentimental value to the new item.

Here's how you can upcycle your old jewellery:

Collect together the materials that you have.

The more details we have about your materials the better we can advise and quote you. Check hallmarks to determine what carat of gold your jewellery is. If possible, measure stones and use digital kitchen scales to give us a guide on weight.

 Collection of old jewellery for upcycling


Dream up your new piece of jewellery.

Perhaps you already have a design in mind? If not, a rough idea or even a completely clean slate will be fine for us to work with! Browse through our commissions gallery for inspiration, send us a sketch, or send us pictures of your materials and we can give you suggestions. We’re always happy to give no obligation quotes and advice.

 Sketch of jewellery design using own heirloom jewellery

Post us your materials.

Please get in touch before posting so we know to expect your precious materials. We recommend using Special Delivery with the Royal Mail. Once the final design and quote is agreed and given the go ahead, you can expect your new piece to be finished in 4-8 weeks.

 Set of bespoke sandcast rings made from up cycled old jewellery


The price starts at £470 for a simple sandcast ring cast from your own metal.

We can cast any carat of gold. We can also change the colour of your gold and lower its carat. For example, we can turn 18ct yellow gold into 9ct white gold. But we can’t turn 9ct yellow gold into 9ct white gold.

If you don’t quite have enough, we can top up what you have with our own recycled gold at a cost per gram.

If you have any questions please get in touch. We are always happy to answer any questions, discuss your wildest commission dreams and give you a no obligation quote.



Perhaps you inherited a family heirloom that doesn’t fit

This beautiful art deco ring was a sad piece to take apart. It was passed down through our customer’s family, from mother to daughter, but unfortunately never fit her. It really was tiny!

Identifying as the black sheep in the family, our customer wanted to transform it into a contemporary ring that she would wear every day. In her words, “the original is still there, just hiding within the new design”. Which we think is a lovely way of putting it.

 Art Deco ring transformed into a contemporary extra texture sandcast ring

Or own a piece of jewellery you have just never worn

Maybe it was a gift, or a snap purchase. Now is the time to put it to good use! We nicknamed this original The Disco Ring. It was quite a piece! We carefully removed all the sapphires and the diamonds and re-cast the 14ct gold into a nice chunky band. Cast using beach sand from Oyster Bay, Beaver Creek, and a mystery Cornish sand as requested by our customer. The multicoloured stones were then flush set in a scatter around the ring. Now it is worn every day!

 Remodel of a never worn gemstone ring into a new contemporary sandcast scatter ring

Family gold collection

It might sound cheeky, but ask your family if they have any unworn jewellery that they would consider gifting to you as a wedding present! Weddings are most often family affairs, and everyone loves the opportunity to get involved. You may well be surprised what treasures Great Aunt Susan has in her jewellery box. These wedding rings were made from very sentimental jewellery given by both couple’s parents. You can even see the baby tooth marks in the soft gold of these medallions. The resulting wedding rings couldn’t be more personal.

Family heirloom gold remodelled into a set of sandcast wedding rings 

Showcasing your own stone

Perhaps you have a special stone bought as a travel keepsake, but have never known what to do with it? Now might be its time to shine.

This ring was commissioned to be worn in memory of our customers late mother. He had his own Lightning Ridge opal that he wanted to use – it perfectly reflects her colourful and sparkly character.

 Own opal set into a custom made sandcast ring

Remodelling your existing wedding rings

Perhaps the originals are wearing a little thin. Or maybe you are just ready for a bit of a change? We can recreate your classic rings with a sandcast twist or give them a complete contemporary remodel. Here’s just a few examples of remodels we have done using own gold:

Remodelled wedding rings