Ring Sizing

A correctly sized ring should sit comfortably on the finger, and not loosen overly or slip off when you shake your hand. It should come off relatively easily when pulled, with a bit of a wiggle or twist over the knuckle.

Measuring your ring size

What to consider when ring sizing

The width of the final design you’ve chosen to wear might be much wider than the ring sizer your size was measured with. Where possible, always try and get measured with a sizer that’s close to the width of the final design to ensure accuracy. A very wide design (9mm wide +) can often feel too tight if you were sized with a 4mm wide sizer.

Heat can be an important factor when you get sized. In hot weather our fingers can swell somewhat – this means a ring that fits perfectly in summer might be too loose in winter. It’s best to try and get sized when you are at a fairly neutral temperature or before any hot weather.

Where possible, try and make sure that your size is measured with a sizer that’s the same profile as the final design you’ll wear. Usually there are only flat profile or court/comfort profile sizers available, but even this makes a difference to choosing the correct size. This is especially important when choosing a flat profile final design as a flat profile (while not uncomfortable) is not a comfort fit to the finger, so any tightness will be far more noticeable.

We primarily make our rings in either comfort or flat profiles. But we can make other profiles on request. Comfort profiles are also known as court profiles and are rounded on both the inside and outside, so there are no hard edges. Flat profile rings are flat inside and outside, and give the appearance of a more substantial ring.

It’s not always worth guessing a ring size…

If the ring you have ordered or are thinking of ordering is a surprise for someone and you don’t know their size you are welcome to get in touch with us and we can send you one of our sample rings in a random size and then swap this for the correct size when you know it, thus avoiding the resize charge.


Nearly all of our rings can be resized – we charge between £50 and £90 to do this to cover the postage and the work involved. While we resize a piece we also clean the piece and restore it to its original state when it was just finished. 

When you return the ring to us for resizing, please include a note of your name, return address and what needs to be done, as well as any other contact information if applicable. If this isn’t included, we won’t know who or where the piece has come from and will be unable to resize or return it to you.

Our titanium rings cannot be resized more than a size or two either way – therefore it’s really important to take the above information into account when ordering a titanium ring. If you do require a very different size once it’s been ordered we can make a new replacement ring for a reduced price within 30 days of receiving the original piece.