Sandcast 18ct Yellow Gold Pendant with Blue, White & Green Diamonds in 9ct White Gold Bezels

This glittering pendant was designed to resemble a sandy tidal island with personal significance for our lovely customer. We worked closely together to accurately realise their vision for a meaningful and beautiful piece of jewellery.
The curvature of the pendant itself was inspired by an aerial view of the inlet, and the colours of the diamonds & their contrasting 9ct white gold bezels reflect the azure tones of the tide breaking against the shoreline. Sand collected from these same special shores was used to cast the pendant, imparting the organic dappled texture. 
All of our sandcast collection can be truly personalised by choosing the sand your jewellery is cast in from our extensive collection, or by collecting your own sand for a piece imbued with sentimentality. 
Get in touch if you would like to discuss your own ideas for a commission.