How to photograph your engagement ring

Just engaged? Wedding photographer Hannah Larkin shows seven ways to photograph your engagement ring to share your news with friends and family… and of course with us as we always love to see our rings on the hands they were made for.
  1. Simple ring lying down
Place the ring on a flat surface – a windowsill, table or even a blanket. Get low down so your eye is level with the ring and get close up to capture every detail of that sparkle. Justin Duance Engagement Ring Photograph Eternity Engagement Ring
  1. Simple ring standing
With a little white tac on a white surface you can balance your engagement ring standing vertically. This perspective allows you take a photo from directly above looking down, focusing on the stone. Justin Duance Sapphire Engagement Ring
  1. Pair with perfume
A miniature bottle of your favourite perfume works beautifully to show off your engagement ring; And you can slip it in your purse to top up your fragrance on your wedding day. Engagement Ring on perfume bottle Engagement Ring on perfume bottle
  1. Beauty in the box
If you have a beautiful ring box then use it; Place it on a clear surface and try different angles to capture the profile and stone of the ring nestled in the velvet.
  1. In your hands
One of Hannah's favourite ways to capture an engagement ring is to have held loosely in both hands. You’ll need someone to take this shot from slightly above, focusing on the stone. Engagement Ring held in hands
  1. Holding hands
An engagement ring is a promise between two people; so holding hands is a perfect pose to show off that sparkle. Face away from a friend whilst holding hands and ask them to take a photo level with the ring. Or hold your hands out towards them so they can take a photograph looking slightly down at the ring. Just Engaged Photoshoot Engagement Ring Holding Hands
  1. Spell it out
Break out the bananagram or scrabble tiles, take the magnetic letters off your fridge or use your ring with calligraphy to spell out your love. Engagement Ring In Scrabble Pieces Spell it Out - Rings in Scrabble pieces And of course you can always ask your photographer to capture your engagement ring – Hannah Larkin gives you a free engagement shoot when you book her to photograph your wedding. It’s the perfect way for you to relax in front of her camera so you feel comfy and look gorgeously natural in your wedding photos, as well as giving you stunning photos of your beautiful engagement ring. If you take a photograph of your ring we’d love to see it! You can send us an email or tag us on social media – we’d love to see you celebrating your engagement with your handcrafted ring & hear the story of your proposal Photos and words by Hannah Larkin Photography - featuring our rings, among others.