How to Design your Vintage Diamond Ring

The idea behind our vintage diamond collection is that you can design a ring that is truly unique.

You start by choosing the vintage diamond for you. There is only one like it in the world, full of individuality and personality. We will then take that age-old stone and make it into the perfect contemporary engagement ring for you. Thus, creating a fusion of old and new.

The prices on the website are based on that very diamond set on a sandcast 18ct yellow gold 2mm band. So it would look something like this, but with your chosen stone:

That might be just the ticket for you. And if so, wonderful! It's a simple and timeless design. As with all our sandcast rings, you can personalise it by choosing your own beach sand from our list. Or by sending us your own. The beach sand creates the texture you see in the gold, which pairs beautifully with the organic nature of the vintage diamonds. But maybe you would like something a little different. The options are fairly endless. In a nutshell, we can set the diamond you choose into anything you would like. So, if you have a design in mind, do get in touch.

How to design a vintage diamond engagement ring?

If you are in need of inspiration, our Commissions Gallery is a great place to start.

Because everything we make is made to order, making little changes to our designs isn't a big deal. What's important to us is that the finished piece is just right for you.

Breaking down the elements of the ring helps. Think about:

Metal colour - Compare colours of gold here.

Width of the band - Do you envision a dainty ring or a piece with more substance?

Stone Setting - Do you favour the traditional claw, or prefer an alternative setting such a bezel/tube setting?

Number of stones - From classic solitaire to sparkly cluster rings. Would you like to include smaller stones in the band as well or keep it simple?

Level of sandcast texture - Do you prefer a subtle sandy texture or the more rugged extra texture?

Once you have some answers to these pointers, we can get to work on quoting and making the perfect engagement ring for you. 

For your inspiration...

Please note that the rings below show a mix of vintage and modern diamonds. They are featured as sources of inspiration for you.


We do hope this has been helpful to you. While it may all seem a little overwhelming, trust your instinct! See our current collection of vintage diamonds here. We can source both Mine Cut and Old European Cut diamonds in a variety of sizes. So, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for something particular. We're always happy to help.