Men's Engagement Ring Inspiration

We’ve hesitated on putting this edit together for a long time because we consider our jewellery unisex.
Over the years we have made all sorts of pieces for all sorts of people, and we love that. Everyone, and all love, is welcome.

The world is certainly changing, but we do still get the odd person asking ‘So, umm... Which are the men’s rings?’ when visiting the workshop. We believe that the ring you choose is the ring for you... But we do get it. And we've been seeing an increase in not only same-sex couples proposing, but also women proposing to men, or men wanting to mark their engagement with a ring too. So, we figured we’d put together just a bit of inspiration for men's engagement rings.
It’s worth noting that not all of these rings were made for people that identify as a man. But we have collected them together based on the conversations and commissions we have had with men over the years.

Newly engaged man shows engagement ring on finger

Choosing an engagement ring for him

Start by thinking about what he likes. If he wears jewellery already, what kind of jewellery? Is it chunky or dainty? Ornate or pared back? Would he favour an understated band or want a bit of sparkle? There really are no rules in choosing an engagement ring for him, or anyone. It’s about choosing a piece they will love. Remember that the most important thing is what it represents.
If you have absolutely no clue - why not pick one together?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a simple band as an engagement ring for him. Or you can step into a world of possibilities with including gemstones, engravings, mixed metals... A bit of sparkle is a nod towards the tradition of a diamond solitaire. They can be subtly set inside the ring or nestled within sandcast texture, or we can make them pride of place. We love to see a man in a bit of bling!

Our sandcast rings are cast in beach sand, so you can make your engagement ring extra personal by choosing sand from a place that is special to you both. The unique texture makes for a perfect backdrop for adding little vintage diamonds like in our scatter rings.

A single stone flush-set in the ring is a nice touch and completely unobtrusive.

Flush setting can also be combined with an inlay of wood or gold, adding a new dimension to the engagement ring.

Multi stone rings are also popular among men. From including heirloom stones in scatters to contemporary eternity rings, they make for perfect engagement rings for him.

If you'd like to showcase larger stones in your engagement ring, there are many options there too! Here are just a few show-stopping commissions we've made over the years...

Signet rings also make for very cool engagement rings for men. You can keep them simple and sandcast, include little gems, or even dedicate the whole signet face to a beautiful stone.

If you would like any help choosing a man's engagement ring, we're just a call, e-mail or workshop visit away! As you've probably gathered, we welcome commissions - from as simple as adding a birthstone or engraving to an existing design, to dreaming up a completely unique ring.
Find further inspiration on our commissions gallery and also through our how to design a ring from home and engravings journal posts.


Big thank you to Jake Weisz and Patrick of Enchanted Brides for the pictures of your rings