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When Jacki from Wild Blessings first got in touch with us about Wild Engagement Elopements we thought ‘Oh no, here’s another mad fad to add to the wedding industry’. Then we read her proposal. And actually, we’ve really come round to the idea!

A lot of people put a lot of thought into their proposals. Jacki takes it up a notch by offering a ceremony – and we’ll let her explain the details on that below.

What brought us around to the whole idea was that if you are torn between wanting a quiet wedding that is just for you and a big party with all your loved ones – by choosing an elopement engagement and then a big wedding, you get to have your cake and eat it! One day to be just about the two of you, another (some years down the line) to be about your families coming together and cementing your union in law.

Anyway, it’s all food for thought. Without further ado, here is Jacki’s blog post!

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Are you ready to propose to your loved one?

Are you looking for something unique, quirky, unboring!

If your answer is YES! read on… I have some exciting news that you may not have considered!

Surprise them with an ENGAGEMENT ELOPEMENT! 

Here are a few reasons why an Engagement Elopement is perfect for you –

  • You enjoy spending time together away from all the busy places.
  • You are outdoor enthusiasts.
  • You love exploring and adventuring in beautiful wild locations.
  • You are ready to strengthen your connection and deepen your commitment.
  • You want to have a ‘taster’ to see how amazing your future outdoor wedding in Cornwall can be.
  • You have already planned a ‘couple shoot’ for yourselves and you are planning to propose. Turn it into your Engagement shoot and a mini-commitment ceremony!!

Hand fasting

How a Betrothal or Engagement Ceremony worked in the ‘good old days’!

In ancient times, in Britain and Scotland, couples had a Betrothal Ceremony to announce their ‘engagement’. Rings were costly and only available to the rich. Couples promise to marry one another in the future by having a Handfasting which lasts for a ‘year and a day’. The cord is draped but not tied because this is a ‘trial marriage’. After a year and a day, if you wanted to continue with your ‘marriage’, you said your vows and your cords were tied. You are now considered legally bound. In England, hundreds of years later, Handfasting is still not considered a legal marriage. But, the good news is that the Marriage Laws are finally changing to become up-to-date for the 21st Century. Celebrants may soon be conducting legal marriages which will include the Handfasting ritual

So, what is an Engagement Elopement, you may well ask?

Well , Elopements are NOT just for running away to get married in secret anymore.

An Engagement Elopement is meaningful and intentional. It’s all about the entire experience. It isn’t just about a proposal or just about a ceremony – although that is the heart of your day. It’s about getting to experience the entire day together. To be present, in the moment when you propose and when you say your words of commitment to the love of your life. Your Engagement Elopement Ceremony will become the next step in deepening your connection.

Engagement Elopements allow couples to take a mini-break somewhere meaningful to themselves. This can even be soon after your proposal. This will help you to solidify your relationship and create a magical and intimate experience. One that you will remember for the rest of your lives. You can experience the joy of committing yourselves to each other, usually outdoors. You will get the chance to focus on each other and celebrate your love in an uninhibited way.

One of my favourite things about eloping is that you are not limited to using a venue. When using a Celebrant, you can choose where you elope to. Because most elopements are outdoors you forgo the costs of a venue! Your backdrop may be a beach, a waterfall, cliff tops, mountains, woodlands, forests, beach caves or castle ruins.

In modern times we propose by offering a ring to our partner, when they least expect it. Why not include your very modern proposal with an ancient meaningful commitment ceremony? At the very moment your next chapter in your love story begins. The old and the new AND a Blessing of your rings. The best of both worlds, relevant, updated and unique.


Elopement proposal  

Engagement Ceremony Rituals

Celebrate your new status with one of these unique Engagement Elopement Ceremony Rituals

The ancient Handfasting ceremony - a cord is draped over your hands while you exchange a few words of commitment . Your cord is yours to keep to use in your future Handfasting Ritual when you finally tie the knot together.
Floral crowns joined with a ribbon/s placed on each of your heads when you say your promises to each other. This is a Greek tradition and is especially beautiful for 2 brides.
A beautiful floral garland (like an Hawaian Lei) in an infinity symbol - figure eight joins you together by resting on each of your shoulders. This is to symbolise your love is eternal.
You can have a short, simple ceremony without using the above rituals if that is perfect for you too!

What your ceremony includes –

  • a welcome,
  • one of the above unity rituals if you want,
  • a Ring Blessing,
  • closing words,
  • a celebratory Cornish Mead and Cake ritual to celebrate. You will be creating magical moments, captured by your specialist engagement elopement photographer. 
Which Unity Ritual Would You Choose? Do You Have Your Own Ideas?

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How does it all work - what do I need to do?

The idea of an Engagement Elopement is to escape, just the 2 of you, somewhere wild and stunning. If you have not proposed yet and don’t want to arouse any suspicion with your loved one, tell your partner you have booked a ‘couple shoot’ as this is the safest option. Your celebrant will pose as your photographer's helper to remain discreet. You will surprise your partner with your proposal along with a commitment ceremony.

Your Elopement Photographer will be on hand to ‘capture your yes’ and beautiful images of your outdoor commitment ceremony too.

If you are already engaged, book your engagement shoot as usual. You can still surprise your unsuspecting partner with the Engagement Elopement Ceremony. Photographers are happy to include your Engagement ceremony into the Couple/Engagement shoot. It adds another special, meaningful and magical element into your images

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If this sounds exciting and you would love to surprise your soulmate with a secret proposal and an engagement ceremony, then please get in touch with us soon. We can get you booked in and start to create your bespoke Engagement Elopement Ceremony to add that extra sparkle, not to your beautiful rings but to your eyes on your already magical proposal day.


Words by Jacki Clement


We hope you have found this blog post inspiring! Find out more about wild engagement elopements here.

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