Why an Outdoor Cornwall Elopement might be for you!

Elope to Cornwall There's plenty of reasons why an outdoor Cornwall elopement might be for you! Jo and Patrick, photographers and the wife and husband team behind Cornwall Elopements have shared the mindset behind elopements for many couples. Big, traditional weddings are not what modern couples are looking for. The trends are showing that even before the Pandemic they were moving towards an Intimate Wedding experience.

You want a ‘JUST US’ Wedding Experience

You are choosing to celebrate with a wedding where you can focus on each other, uninhibited, in an intentional, meaningful way that is unique to you. Make your day stress-free, without pressure or obligations to others, without regrets or distractions.
Cornwall Beach Elopement

An Eco-friendly And Low Impact Elopement is important for you

If you want to be sustainable, eco-friendly and have a low impact wedding, going small is a great start. A small or non-existent guest list hugely reduces the days carbon footprint. It also takes the pressure of pleasing everyone. You can save yourself money by not using a licensed venue and just hire a photographer and a celebrant to conduct your ceremony according to your ethics. Then use your freed up funds to spend on what you care about most. Some of our couples book a luxury Airbnb for afterwards and either have a private chef come to the accommodation to cook them a meal or have a hamper. Both of these options are available with White Radish Catering.
Couple running in the sea on their wedding day

Cornwall is the Ultimate Outdoor Wedding Destination for adventurous, fun-loving, freedom-expressing, wild-hearted couples!

You Love Dramatic Outdoor Cornwall Elopement Locations

Living in a beautiful part of the world, we are blessed by dramatic coastlines, long white sandy beaches, hidden rocky coves and amazing cliff top views over our wild ocean. So, the first thing you need to consider is where you will be having your ceremony and second, the time of the year. The summer is extremely busy in Cornwall, and especially so at the popular beaches. So may not be ideal if you are looking for a private and intimate ceremony. We highly recommend choosing cliff top locations in the summer months as you are less likely to be disturbed by tourists. Luckily, Cornwall Elopements are able to offer the most magical 'one of a kind' outdoor elopements in nature. With a host of secret locations, they are a great asset to couples not based in Cornwall who are wanting privacy along with dramatic views.

Cornwall Elopement on the cliffs

You Would Like To Celebrate Your Elopement With a Celebrant-Led Ceremony

For outdoor weddings and elopements in Cornwall you will need to use a wedding celebrant to lead your ceremony. Celebrant-led ceremonies are not connected to the local council, who are not legally allowed to perform outdoor weddings. You will have the freedom to choose how you want to commit to each other; Where you want to have your ceremony and what words, rituals or music you want to include. And all without the stress, strains, rules, regulations and restrictions of Licensed venues and/or Registrars.

The difference between a Marriage and a Wedding are explained briefly below

Marriage is the legally recognised union of two people​ as partners in a personal relationship. Marriage is the name of a lifelong legal institution, which starts after the wedding.
Wedding is to celebrate the marriage. A wedding is a collective name used for all the ceremonies and rituals that take place to give social acceptance to the relationship between two people. In some cultures, that celebration can go on for a week or more!
Therefore, by separating the legal aspect of marriage from your wedding, your ceremony can be about you and your love story, not legalities.
The best option if you are eloping and want to legalise your union is to have the “simple, no-frills ceremony”. This takes place in the Registrar's office itself. You say your 40 words, sign the register, get your certificate and you are “done and dusted” in about 10 minutes. This costs about £80 depending on your council and can be done before (or after) the wedding ceremony.
Wild Blessing Ceremonies are able to offer you a creative and one of a kind ceremony like non other in Cornwall. Complete the unique and magical package by choosing experienced Cornwall elopement photographers Enchanted Brides Photography, who shoot at any time of the day or night and at any location.
Choose the ceremony for you

You Are An Explorer By Heart

West Penwith is covered in crumbling cliff castles, the remains of old tin mines, ancient sites and above all, secret beaches with tidal pools; Making it a perfect location for having your Celtic/Pagan Handfasting, Commitment Ceremony, Micro-Wedding, Elopement or Beach Wedding in Cornwall. Whatever your dream elopement location, Cornwall has something similar, somewhere!
The night sky in Cornwall Some of our absolute favourite outdoor wedding locations for you to choose from are:
- The Stone Circles and Ancient Sites in Cornwall
- Sea Cave Ceremonies
- Mines, Ruins and Old Cliff Castles
- Secret Beaches and Hidden Coves
- Ancient Woodlands and Forests
- Milky Way, Stars and Full Moon Ceremonies
- Wild and Dramatic Cliff Top Locations
- Twilight Fire Ceremonies on the beach

You Embrace Your Inner Mer-person

Best Beaches
A beach Wedding in Cornwall is an unforgettable experience. Therefore it’s not difficult to see why romantic beach elopements are the most common reason couples choose to come celebrate their special day here. ​We have some of the most spectacular beaches in the country. With over 300 beaches in all shapes and sizes, there’s something for everyone. Our favourite outdoor beach wedding locations are the smaller, quieter, uncrowded secret coves and hidden beaches. There's also the added touch of having your wedding rings cast in sand from that same place.
Best tidal pools and wild swimming spots
Couples that want to experience something unique on their honeymoon or wedding in Cornwall will be absolutely spoilt for choice for wild sea swimming in Cornwall. Tidal pools are a great way to connect with nature safety in an enclosed environment without the fear of rip currents and big waves. Because they are so romantic, connecting with one another in a unique way in the water without crowds, happens naturally. As Cornwall has many rock pools, it's always possible to find a quiet rock pool away from the crowds if you are prepared to walk a little.
Marine Life
There’s a bounty of birdlife to see all around Cornwall, especially along the coast, whether walking our coastal paths, out on a sea kayak or on a Sea Safari. Hop on board a wildlife boat trip from Padstow, Falmouth or Penzance to increase your chances of spotting some of our beautiful marine creatures. June is one of the best months for wildlife watching. Spot dolphins, whales, basking sharks, seals and all kinds of seabirds...
Owing to its location, jutting straight out into the Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall, with its milder climate and great beaches is a magnet for swell. Perfect for combining your surf trip with your elopement. The best of both worlds!
Sandy feet on your wedding day

“Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You Enjoy Local Tasty Treats And Simple Pleasures

Pasties and Cream Teas
Surveys have shown that one of the top three reasons people visit Cornwall is the food. The Cornish pasty is the food most associated with Cornwall along with the Cornish Cream Tea. Above all, make sure you put your deliciously thick dollop of clotted cream in the right place - on top!
Amazing sunsets and cliff top picnics
Whether you are on your Honeymoon in Cornwall or staying during your elopement, spending time in nature is a must. If you love walking and hiking, Cornwall makes the perfect location for clifftop sunset watching. Especially whilst tucking into a Cornish hamper of tasty treats. White Radish events can help you out if you would like something even more special.

Grooms look out to sea

You Are Creative And Love Natural Living

Cornwall's landscape is uplifting, inspiring and soul-enhancing, as a result, many artists, makers and creatives live or visit here. So, your passionate, creative wedding suppliers will inspire you to think out-the-box, encouraging you to explore how to enjoy a natural wedding day that surpasses your wildest dreams. Whatever your reasons for Eloping to Cornwall, you will definitely have a stress-free wedding that is true to you. So, expect to save yourself money and have an adventure, with amazing photographs to tell the story. Experience your own beautiful wedding story in an incredible wild location, unlike any other, which you can share and experience with those you love. So, that’s why a Cornwall Elopement might be just perfect for you! See you soon!