Jewellery Care

Our jewellery is made to last, wearing well in all conditions – even the sink, the shower or the sea! 

You can expect rings worn everyday to change gradually with time (especially the wood rings!) as the piece subtly adjusts to the wearer’s lifestyle. Our relationship doesn’t end with your purchase. You can always get in touch with any questions or if you would like us to spruce your jewellery up a bit.

Care Pack

White Gold

We don’t rhodium plate our white gold – unless requested. So you don’t need to worry about replating or any upkeep. Enjoy your white gold in all it’s natural beauty.

Wood Inlay

If the wood has begun to look dry or silvery a dab of oil will replenish the wood and bring back its lustre, showing off the colour and grain of the wood. You only need a very small dab (a couple of drops) on a tissue or cloth to run over the wood. Most household oils such as olive oil are suitable. Too much oiling will saturate the wood and cause it to break. The natural oils in our skin/hands usually keep the wood hydrated enough, so most people find they never need it.