18ct Yellow Gold Sandcast Ring with Garnets & Heirloom Diamonds

Our lovely customer wished to rework a collection of beautiful, but unworn, heirloom jewellery into pieces imbued with sentimentality as gifts for their family members. In addition to reworking heritage materials, choosing the beach sand your jewellery is cast in is a wonderful way to impart an extra personal touch to already meaningful pieces. 
For inspiration as to how to best utilise the precious metal and diamonds, our customer looked towards our Commissions Gallery, being particularly inspired by our Sandcast Half Pavé & Channel Set Wedding Bands Made From Heirloom Materials. We love how the ring subtly undulates to accommodate varying sizes of garnets & vintage diamonds, complimented by the rustic sandcast texture. We think this ring really feels like treasure!
Get in touch if you would like to discuss your own ideas for creating a new heirloom, or browse our Commissions Gallery for inspiration.