22ct Gold Sandcast Ring with Emerald Cut Heirloom Diamond

Starting with casting our 2mm Comfort Sandcast Ring from our lovely customer's vintage jewellery. We love how the 4mm x 5mm bezel set diamond is sunk into the band, lending a sense of delicate subtlety to a truly stunning heirloom gemstone.

22ct gold, the purest carat of gold that we work with, is often referred to as 'pirate gold' due to its deep golden orange tones. We find it beautifully showcases the texture imparted by sandcasting. Read our blog post on the differing shades & finishes of gold.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss your own ideas for a commission, and read our blog post Upcycling Heirloom Jewellery for more information on reinvigorating your heritage pieces.