Sandcast 9ct Yellow Gold Ring with Own Opal Bezel Set

Our lovely customer owned a 9ct gold signet ring that had worn thin from over 100 years of wear. In order to continue being able to wear and enjoy their ring, our customer decided to reuse the gold and worked alongside us to give their precious metal a new lease of life. We set their rainbow hued Boulder Opal in a vertical bezel, both showcasing and protecting the beautiful, yet soft, gemstone. 

We were delighted to be able to create a stunning new piece of jewellery from their existing materials, casting the 2mm Comfort Sandcast Ring in sand from an emotionally meaningful place to truly imbue the piece with personal sentiment. Choosing your own sand from our collection is a wonderful way to personalise a ring and to keep a piece of a special beach (or desert, or riverbed!) close to you.

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