Choosing a Shaped Wedding Ring - Inspiration

Choosing a wedding ring can be tricky; especially if your engagement ring is an unusual shape. If you plan to wear both of your rings together, finding a wedding band that sits comfortably beside your engagement ring is essential. Therefore, a shaped wedding ring might be the way to go.

As all of our jewellery is made to order, there is plenty of scope for customisation. We can shape almost all of our rings to fit alongside your engagement ring. Whether it is a gentle curve or a completely new design, we can make a perfectly shaped wedding ring for you.

We have put together a collection of some examples of shaped wedding rings for your inspiration. But please do get in touch if you have any ideas at all - we are always happy to discuss different options.

Shaped wedding rings

We can make a wedding ring that is shaped to fit perfectly around your engagement ring. To do so, we do ask that you leave your precious engagement ring with us, so that we can design and make a bespoke ring for you.

Gentle curve rings

Wedding rings with a gentle curve to fit around your engagement ring. Resulting in a more organic approach to a shaped wedding band. A ring with a gentle curve is perfect if you want a shaped band that still looks natural when worn solo.


Shaped rings with stones

Add gemstones or diamonds to your shaped wedding band; It is a great way to tie your rings together and add a little extra sparkle.

 Shaped wedding rings with a difference

Your wedding ring can be an opportunity to add your own personal touch to your bridal set. Perhaps you fancy a contemporary twist. Or have some family heirlooms you would like to use up? Maybe it's time to throw tradition out the window and be bold.

Do I need a shaped wedding ring?

Maybe you don't need a shaped wedding ring at all! Often solitaire rings are made taking a future wedding ring into account. So, it's possible that your setting is high enough for a straight ring to fit comfortably beneath.


We hope you're feeling a bit more confident about choosing a shaped wedding ring and what would be the best option for you.

The best place to start as always is by trying rings on! If you can, book a workshop appointment and we can help you in person. Alternatively, browse our product pages and commissions gallery for more inspiration. 

This blog post on how to design or choose a ring from home might be helpful too :)